``While raising my small herd of goats, I have gained knowledge of the agricultural industry to understand how crucial the agricultural industry is to our society. Only 2% of our population is responsible for feeding & clothing our nation.``
- Allison Williams, Stafford County 4-H Livestock Club

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Now is the time to begin feeding your herd pest-control minerals. Click below to contact your Sales Territory Manager - Feed today!

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Feed, Supplements & Minerals

We are honored to carry such a wide variety of feeds, supplements, and minerals for multiple species at different levels of production and life stages.


We carry feed, supplements and minerals for various beef cattle stages including cow-calf, replacements, weaned calf and grower & finisher operations.

  1. Purina Feeds, Minerals, & Supplements
  2. Performance Feeds
  3. Cargill Feeds & Minerals
  4. Hubbard Feeds
  5. Crystalyx
  6. Sunrise Feeds


EverGRO carries the feed and supplements necessary to keep your herd healthy and producing.

  1. Cargill Feeds & Minerals
  2. Purina Feeds & Minerals
  3. Cow’s Match Milk Replacer
  4. Sunrise Feeds Non-GMO


Our wide selection of equine feeds allows us to cater to the needs of all breeds, disciplines, and life stages.

  1. Purina Feeds & Supplements
  2. Triple Crown Feeds & Forages
  3. ProElite Feeds & Supplements
  4. Nutrena Feeds & Supplements
  5. Cavalor Feeds 


We carry the feed and supplements necessary to keep your flock happy and healthy!

  1. Purina Layena Feeds
  2. Nutrena  Feeds & Supplements
  3. New Country Organic
  4. New Country Organic Soy-Free
  5. Sunrise Non-GMO Feeds
  6. Sunrise Non-GMO Soy-Free


We carry the feed and supplements necessary to keep your backyard herd happy & healthy!

  1. Purina Sheep and Goat Feeds & Minerals
  2. Nutrena Sheep Feeds & Minerals
  3. Hubbard Feeds
  4. Crystalyx
  5. New Country Organic Sheep Feed
  6. Cargill Alpaca & Llama Feed
  7. New Country Organic Alpaca & Llama Feed
  8. Sunrise Non-GMO Soy-Free Feeds


EverGRO carries the feed necessary to keep your swine at top productivity no matter their breed or life stage.

  1. Purina Feeds
  2. Performance Feeds
  3. Cargill Feeds
  4. Sunrise Farms Non-GMO Feed

Bulk Feed

Bulk feed is available for on-site delivery when you order 3 tons or more. Feeds that are available to order by the ton include –

PLF Egg Maker Layer Pellet and Crumble 16%
PLF 3-Grain Scratch Textured
PLF Goat Feed 16&
PLF All-Natural 13% Mash
PLF All-Natural 18% Sow & Pig Pellets
PLF All-Natural Beef Finisher 11% Textured
PLF Feeder Blend 13%
PLF Hi-Energy PLUS 14% Pellet
PLF Fast Start 14% Pellet
PLF Extra Calf 15% Textured
PLF Extra 16% Pellet
PLF Ultra Gain 16% Pellet
Piedmont 14% Cattle Feed
PLF “Livestock” 10% Pellet *all species except equine

If you are interested in learning more or placing an order, click on the button below to contact our Sales Territory Manager – Feed!

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With show season comes special demands of your show animals. By using the feeds and supplements that we have at EverGRO, your show season is sure to be a success.




The future of agriculture rests upon the knowledge & resources provided to youth within the industry. EverGRO’s “Youth In Agriculture Support Program” assists local community programs & organizations in providing the resources to set up youth members for success in the agricultural industry.

Through this program, EverGRO also provides the opportunity for livestock exhibitors to not only be gifted $100 at the conclusion of the show season. Complete the application by clicking on the link below.

2023 Support Program Application



EverGRO’s Champion’s Edge provides youth in agriculture the opportunity to save on show feed, supplements, and supplies for the duration of their show season.

To qualify for this program, individuals must be exhibiting an animal in their local 4-H & FFA Livestock show within the EverGRO territory. Access this year’s application by clicking button below.

2023 Champion's Edge Application


Other Services

Here at EverGRO, we are aware how time-consuming managing a farm can be. With our field specialists and dependable delivery drivers, we are able to provide services that makes obtaining the supplies and information you need to keep your operation running, convenient and hassle-free.

  1. Forage and Pasture Analysis
  2. Feed Trials
  3. On-Farm Consultations
  4. Feed Delivery

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