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Nutrena® True Dog Food
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Livestock Supplies

Pest Control

We carry products for various application techniques including pour-ons, ear tags, fly dust, dust bags, and cattle rubs.

Electrolytes & Colustrum

Nutritional supplementation is imperative to your newborn livestocks’ health. We offer the following products that will give these newborns a better chance at survival.

Durvet, Land O Lakes

Milk Replacers

Our products allow you to provide supplemental or replacement nutritional needs to your stock throughout the year.

Land O Lakes Cows Match Cold Front, HerdFirst


Ensuring that your herd is free of internal & external parasites can be a daunting task. EverGRO provides the following products in pour-ons or injectables.

Eprinex Pour-On, Ivomec Pour-On, Cydectin Pour-On, Ivermax Pour-On, Dectomax Pour-On, Dectomax Injectable, Safeguard Paste, Safeguard Pellets


A critical factor of your herds’ performance is their health. EverGRO carries vaccines that will help your herd stay healthy so they can reach their peak performance.

Boehringer Ingelheim vaccinations available in 50 dose, 10 dose, 5 dose, and single dose.

Zoetis vaccinations available in 50 dose, 10 dose, 5 dose, and single dose.

Basic Care

There is a lot that goes into taking care of your herd. We care items such as castration bands, udder balm, antibacterial & antifungal creams & sprays, syringes & needles, and other products that will help you make sure you are providing the best care to your herd.

Show Supplies

Make your show stock stand out in the arena by using our show shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, and other products! In addition to the items listed below we carry brushes, combs, and show halters!

Cowboy Magic, Exhibitor Labs, Show Sheen

Equine Supplies

Fly Control

We know how important it is to keep your horses stress level down, especially in the hot summer months when pest population reaches its peak. Some products that we carry to fend off these pests include but are not limited to:

  1. Pyranha
  2. Bronco
  3. Ultrashield


Whether your horse is competing or has retired, we carry the supplements you will need to keep your horse at the level you need them to be.

Vita Flex, AniMed, Farnam, Farriers Formula

Basic Care

There is a lot of work that goes into making sure your equine in happy and healthy throughout the year. Luckily EverGRO carries products such as hoof care supplies, grooming supplies, and even tack care products that will keep you and your horse ready for the next big event!

First Aid

As a horse owner, it’s important to stay prepared for any situation. EverGRO carries products such as vet wrap, gauze pads, poultice pads, sterilization solutions, antifungal & antibacterial sprays & creams, and other items that will help you provide care to your equine even before your veterinarian gets there.


In order to sure your equine stays free of any internal parasites, EverGRO offers the following deworming pastes:

  1. Panacur
  2. Safeguard
  3. Zimectrin
  4. Zimectrin Gold
  5. Quest
  6. Quest Plus
  7. Ivermectin
  8. Pyrantel Paste

Basic Care

There is a lot of work that goes into making sure your equine in happy and healthy throughout the year. Luckily EverGRO carries products such as hoof care supplies, grooming supplies, and even tack care products that will keep you and your horse ready for the next big event!


EverGRO carries Leather, Nylon, and Nylon Breakaway halters in various sizes and colors to meet your needs and desires for your equines appearance. In addition, we stock lead ropes, lunge lines, muzzles, and whips & riding crops.


Making sure your equine has quality bedding can be a constant struggle. We take pride in carrying the following bedding options and stall needs:

  1. Royal Wood
  2. Queens Wood
  3. Stall Mats

Farm Supplies

Electric Fencing

EverGRO is proud to offer electric fencing supplies from the following manufacturers:

Pasture Management, Gallagher, DARE

Fencing Supplies

We carry quality fencing materials from various vendors that will serve its purpose whether you are fencing something in, or out.

Wooden Posts, Oak Fence Board, T-Posts

Wire Fencing

Available in welded, high tensile, and barbed. Please call for availability.

 Baekert, Stay Tuff, Motto

Gates & Panels

EverGRO understands how important it is to have reliable gates and panels on your farm. We proudly carry the following brands. Please call for availability.

Behlen & Oklahoma


Keeping your herd hydrated can be much easier when you’re using one of these automatic waterers. Please call for availability.

Miraco, Ritchie


There are many different ways to feed your herd. Here are some options that you could use to feed your herd the way you want to. Please call for availability.

 Apache Creep Feeders, AmeriAg Bunk & Mineral Feeders, Behlen Bunk & Mineral Feeders, Little Giant Buckets & Ground Feeders


Dog Food

  1. Hills Science Diet
  2. Nutrena Loyall Life
  3. Nutrena True
  4. Purina ProPlan*
  5. Exclusive/Infinia
  6. Sportmix Wholesomes
  7. Diamond Naturals
  8. Showtime
  9. TOPS
  10. The Pride*
  11. Pedigree

*Available at select locations.

Cat Food

  1. Meow Mix
  2. Hills Science Diet

Flea & Tick Control

  1. Serestro
  2. Adams
  3. Frontline
  4. Advantage II
  5. Advantix

Pet Accessories

  1. Beds
  2. Crates
  3. Toys
  4. Leashes, Harnesses, & Collars


Spending more time at home? Are you able to spend more time outside? EverGRO carriers a variation of wildlife items including bird house, bird feeders, seed, and suet. These items will allow you to enjoy the wildlife around right off of your front porch.

Yankee Candle

Looking for a gift for a friend or a new scent for your home? Stop in and try look at our Yankee Candle options!


EverGRO proudly carries the following clothing brands throughout the year. Specific items are seasonal. Please call for availability.

Carhartt, Berne, Outback


Whether you are at work, on the farm, or just wearing them every day, we have the boot to fit your needs. Check out just some of the brands we carry! Please call for size availability.


Have a big home or farm project? Or maybe you’re just making some minor repairs? Stop in and checkout out our hardware department to complete those tasks.


Lawn Seed

Whether you’re spot seeding or re-seeding a large area, we have grass seed options for you!

  1. Kentucky 31


Soil not quite right? Check out some fertilizer options we have to help you meet your maximum efficiency.

  1. Happy Frog
  2. Espoma
  3. Scotts Brand


EverGRO carries the following options to use in your garden or your flower pots:

  1. Miracle Gro Potting Mix
  2. Miracle Gro Garden Soil


Whether you have fields of vegetation or a small home garden, we have options to help battle fungus or pests from damaging what you work so hard to keep healthy.

  1. Ortho
  2. Bayer
  3. Round Up


All farm, business, or homeowner struggles with pests at some point. We carry the following brands to help battle these pests:

  1. Terro
  2. Cutters
  3. Bonide

Nursery Items

With each season comes new plants! Check out our nursery center for this seasons plants!

Garden Accessories

Whether you own a landscaping company or you are making improvements to your flower beds at home, EverGRO has what you need! We carry such as hoses, sprayers, spreaders, long-handled tools, and hand tools.

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