EverGRO can provide clover seeds for Frost Seeding Clover Get Expert Help

It’s cold outside in Virginia but spring will be here soon. Time is running out if you plan to take advantage of the frigid weather for frost seeding clover. Frost seeding offers a wide range of benefits that will have year-round effects. Below are just a few of these features and benefits:

COST EFFECTIVE: It is a cost-efficient method as it eliminates the need for conventional seedbed preparation.

NATURAL SEEDING: Takes advantage of the freeze-thaw cycles to naturally work the seeds into the soil.

ENHANCED GERMINATION: Frost action helps break seed dormancy and improves germination rates.

IMPROVED SOIL STRUCTURE: Clover’s root system enhances soil structure, promoting better water retention and aeration.

NITROGEN FIXATION: Many clover varieties are legumes that fix nitrogen, enriching the soil and benefitting neighboring plants.

WEED SUPPRESSION: Establishing a dense clover cover can help suppress the growth of weeds.

WILDLIFE HABITAT: Clover attracts pollinators and provides forage for various wildlife species.

YEAR-ROUND GREENERY: Clover maintains green growth in colder months, providing continuous forage for livestock.

EROSION CONTROL: Clover’s root system helps bind soil particles, reducing the risk of erosion.

BIODIVERSITY: Enhances biodiversity by introducing a valuable plant species into the ecosystem.

Consider these advantages when deciding to frost seed clover for your specific needs! For expert advice or more information, click here to contact your local EverGRO FS Team Member.


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